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This forum is in dedication to bird lovers of the Philippines. Anyone is invited if interested in Bird watching, aviculture and such.
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 Birding in your own backyard.

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Birding in your own backyard. Empty
PostSubject: Birding in your own backyard.   Birding in your own backyard. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2008 4:27 am

If you want to see birds you can do so just by looking around in your own backyard.
I do this at home since we live on the mountains. For those living around mountainous areas or forested areas, you may see the following birds.

1.Olive Backed Sunbird
2.Red-keeled Flowerpecker
3.Chestnut Munia
4.Emerald Dove
5.White Collared Kingfisher
6.Philippine Bulbul (bantay ang mga Bisaya na hugaw ug utok.. hehe.)
7.Philippine Coucal
8.Spotted Dove
10.Brahminy Kite (only saw this once)

if you are in the city, there still a lot of birds in the vicinity
1.Eurasian Tree Sparrow
3.Olive Backed Sunbird
4.Asian Glossy Starlings
6.Zebra Doves
7.Dollarbird (saw one in SHS-J old campus, very obvious orange beak)
8.Pied Fantail
9.Long Tailed Shrike
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Birding in your own backyard.
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