Philippine Birds
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Philippine Birds

This forum is in dedication to bird lovers of the Philippines. Anyone is invited if interested in Bird watching, aviculture and such.
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 Birding thriving in the Philippines

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PostSubject: Birding thriving in the Philippines   Birding thriving in the Philippines Icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2008 6:53 am

When I was a small boy, I was already very interested with birds. When anything with wings flew by, my eyes would go to it. Now I am much older and I realized that birds is my passion.

Many years ago Philippines did not have a group of serious birdwatchers. We constantly relied on foreign organizations who cared more about our birds than we do. Now, we are thankful for our small group (but now growing) of dedicated birders from WBCP (Wild Bird Club of the Philippines). Last year 2007, I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd Bird Festival in Waterfront. It was a spectacular event filled with many activities. There were games, trivia, displays, and booths. Many of the booths came from outside the country. I had the opportunity to meet many foreigners.

So why are there foreigners in our country? Are they fascinated with our simple Avian Fauna? Don't be deceived by the simple birds you see everyday. Cebu alone has ten times more diversity than the Galapagos Island. The rarest bird in the world can be found in the small Tabunan foresy in Cebu. Our majestic Philippine Eagle has a very unique genetic combination that cannot be traced to other birds of prey. We have one of the most sought for cockatoos outside, the Philippine Cockatoo. We have a vast collection of Hornbills, finches, flowerpeckers and more. There is just so much to learn about the avian fauna in the Philippines.

Someday, I hope that the people will be more educated about the avian life in the Philippines so that they will think twice when they purchase an illegal bird, or take them for granted. Hopefully too, the government will be more active in the efforts to conserve our natural avian fauna and their enviroment.

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Birding thriving in the Philippines
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