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 Looking for the best Bird Formula? This is it!

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Looking for the best Bird Formula? This is it! Empty
PostSubject: Looking for the best Bird Formula? This is it!   Looking for the best Bird Formula? This is it! Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2012 3:08 am

Phil-Organic Baby Bird FormulaŽ is an extensive selection of homemade food developed to provide the balanced diet and wholesome nutrition your Baby bird needs.

Mixing Phil-Organic Baby Bird Formula ( 50% formula 50% fruit )

Place a heaping teaspoon of powdered Phil-Organic Baby Bird Formula in a container along with your favorite fruit. ( DO NOT USE AVOCADO ) Avocado is poisonous to parrots!!!! This mix is formulated for seed eaters. Add very hot water and mix well. The food should be liquid but not too watery. It thickens some in a few minutes.

How thick should I make the formula?
Your mixture will depend on the age of your baby. Very young birds require a thinner formula and more frequent feedings. Babies 2-4 weeks of age a can eat a mixture the consistency of pea soup or applesauce this thickness would be good for the remaining time hand feeding. Babies that are only a few days or day 1 babies need very thin formula to help keep them hydrated. As the baby grows the formula can be thickened up. ALWAYS DISCARD ANY UNUSED FORMULA LEFTOVER AFTER FEEDING!! Start with fresh mixture at each feeding .This is very important. All hand feeding formulas are rich and can develop harmful bacteria in a very short time even if refrigerated once they are mixed. It is a good idea to keep unused powder in a cool dry place when not in use.

Suck some up in the eyedropper used to feed the babies. Run under warm water to warm it before feeding. Also you can stab the dropper into fresh fruit to get a chunk of fruit to go along w/the formula listed above.
You may use a syringe, eyedropper or medicine dropper. These can be purchased at our website.
The food needs to be thick/thin enough to suck up with the feeding tip. If you are giving freshly made food, suck it up in the syringe/eyedropper, wait a few minutes before feeding so it cools to room temp.
Store the container of mixed food in the refrigerator. Throw the food away at the end of the day and wash and rinse the container in hot water. Wash the syringe/eyedropper with HOT water before each re-filling so no bacteria gets in the container of mixed food. Warm the food to room temperature before feeding by holding it in your hand or run under warm water.

Looking for the best Bird Formula? This is it! Petbanners2
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Looking for the best Bird Formula? This is it!
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