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This forum is in dedication to bird lovers of the Philippines. Anyone is invited if interested in Bird watching, aviculture and such.
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 Cockatoo HELP!

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PostSubject: Cockatoo HELP!   Cockatoo HELP! Icon_minitimeSun Mar 04, 2012 6:12 pm

I need advise on how to save this poor bird. He is my friend's bird, unfortunately my friend is already bedridden and cannot tend to the bird's needs so.

I would appreciate any inputs from the bird lovers here...

Cockatoo HELP! 430387_2866914592076_1236134151_32472453_2128749068_n

Cockatoo HELP! 424406_2866915632102_1236134151_32472454_1296038148_n

Cockatoo HELP! 421911_2866916072113_1236134151_32472455_1042782303_n
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Cockatoo HELP!
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