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This forum is in dedication to bird lovers of the Philippines. Anyone is invited if interested in Bird watching, aviculture and such.
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 Rules for Forum Use

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PostSubject: Rules for Forum Use   Sat Aug 09, 2008 6:08 am

Rules are simple.

1.No porn stuff, violence, and any anti-human and anti-animal content.
2.No fighting. You may argue a little, and debate a little, but if you go too far, I'm cutting you off.
3.Do not do anything stupid here. (e.g. putting useless adds, and putting senseless threads, and arguing with every get the point)
4.Observe proper forum etiquette.
5.For Sale boards are the only boards for posting ads.
6.No off topic Threads and posts. I will tolerate occasional off-topic posts when indicated.
7.Use common sense. I don't have to tell you what you are not allowed to do, but if in doubt, post questions in News and announcements.

Rules for Sale.
1. Post in title: FS: or For Sale:
2. Post Price Range
3. Post Contact number or means of contact
4. Post proper details of sale.
5. Only bird-related posts allowed.
6. No sale of Illegal birds.

buyers, please be careful, we are not liable for any problems with your dealer.
please remember to ask for concrete details before doing any deals.

*I will update this rules thing if I lack some.
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Rules for Forum Use
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